Shanghai International Photography Festival founded in 1986 is developed from “Shanghai International Photographic Art Exhibition”. It is approved by State Department, Ministry of Culture, and Shanghai Municipal Peoples Government. It is organized by The Shanghai Federation of Art and Literary Circles and The Shanghai Photographers Association. Nowadays, Shanghai International Photography Festival is one of the most authoritative competitions in the world of photography.

Shanghai International Photography Festival is one of the most important international cultural brands for Shanghai. All the previous festivals were paid high attention by the leaders of municipal party committee and municipal government. Every time, the deputy major who took charge of the cultural affairs of Shanghai will serve as the director of the organizing committee.

Different from other photographic exhibition, Shanghai International Photography Festival does not have any exhibition driven by commercial purpose. The festival is trying to keep the purity of art and exploit the potentials on the international arena provided by Shanghai.


The First “Shanghai International Photographic Art Exhibition” was held in November 1986. Shanghai Municipal Peoples Government decided that the art exhibition sponsor once every two years and it had been held by the past 11 exhibitions. Under the great support by the organizers, it is not just a photographic festival in Shanghai but also in China. To expand scale of the Shanghai International Photographic Art Exhibition and increase affect inside and outside of the China, organizers decided to change the name to Shanghai International Photographic Festival in 2012.


Since 2002, “Shanghai International Photographic Art Exhibition” has been recognized by Fédération Internationale de l’Art Photographique (FIAP), Photographic Society of America (PSA), and Royal Photographic Society (RPS). At the same time, the Exhibition was provided gold, silver, and bronze medals by them. By the recognition of these three international authorities of photography organizations, the festival is more professional and authoritative.

Shanghai International Photography Festival

Shanghai International Photography Festival
Shanghai Photographers Association (SPAC)