Recognising the efforts of serious photographers all over the world who are creating stories and projects about important and deserving issues, KLPA seeks to reward project-based portrait submissions by awarding our highest prize money of USD$5,000 to one photographer, along with our amazing trophy – a specially commissioned piece by Kong Wee Pang, an award winning designer and artist based in Memphis, USA.

To keep matters simple and straightforward, all submissions are open themed, with no restrictions or criteria to limit creativity, except that they must be portraits of people and their environment. As an advocate for strong and individualistic content in photography, we would ask for portraits that are unmanipulated and have only minimal post-processing.

We like to see photographers push the boundaries of creativity in making visually exciting portraits telling individualistic, personal stories with strong narratives as their content, challenging normalcy.

Kuala Lumpur International Photoawards – Prize Details

A total of up to USD$10,500 in prize money, plus three specially commissioned trophies to cherish will be awarded to our prize winners. Each of the three top prize winners will also receive a complimentary 2-year subscription to European Photography magazine from Berlin. Winners will be featured by our media partners, European Photography, Photography In China and Auckland Photography Festival, amongst others.